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Don't go out with STRANGERS

Isn't that what we have been told by our parents for a good reason? Isn't it the same which we are telling our children for that same good reasons?

Don't go out with strangers

Then why we are not following the same rule in our online life? Following totally strangers into programs which may have not yet even launched yet and coming soon? Spending money on something which is not yet even available or does not bring any useful tools but promoting it and hoping it might work?

Oh yes it happened to me a lot. Last time I failed to listen to my "parents" was when I was fallen for APP. I am more as ashamed about it that I haven't known better. Joining something just because I was told it will last without any proof that the owner is serious. Well, I have learned my lesson.

Strange isn't it?

Don't go out with Strangers is even more important when it comes to those tempting make money opportunities where we get promised 20% - 50% back on our investments without even doing something for it. Amazing 5 or again APP are the examples I am talking about.

That field is so big, hardly to find someone who is known and reliable like Mark Dosier, who is know in the Viral Mailer and Viral COOP world, someone who simply can't afford to let his members down in his PTC+Revenue Share, as he has more to loose as his reputation. His entire business hangs on the line. Not a stranger at all. So why go with someone else we don't know?

Mailers and Safelists and classic Traffic exchanges

Even when it comes to make money online with selling traffic exchanges or Viral Mailers it is always wise to stick with the big guns, those which pay and those who have proven to take care of their and OUR business as well.

If going out with strangers is not good in real life, why it should be doing any good in our online community?

Simply make sure YOU know the one you want to join, to make money with.


No strangers at all!

Doug Forbes, owner of the Landmarketing Group and brilliant strategist when it comes to make us some conversion with his triple A plan. He sometimes appears to be a bit grumpy but when it comes to answering tickets or making payouts he is the fastest Owner among them all. When he opened his new mailer I followed right away!

Marty Petrizza, always a winner when you promote her programs. She literally paid almost 8k in total to me. Yeah I know and trust her, as her goal is giving us new and great ideas such as the 500 guaranteed views or her latest ebook "no more excuses" which is also available at referral frenzy where you have so much more value as only sending mails to thousands of members but as well crucial supertools for our business.

A great friend of mine located in India, Gnana Prakash has inspired me a lot as well and since he is one of those owners who only allows mailings to active members at IVM, he has proven to take care and one does not waste credits while using his mailer. The same success he will have with his Quality Traffic Exchange. I am certain of it.

Richard Weberg, is building a new giant mailer + matrix attached. LAS has paid out more to it's members as all new mailer launches together in 2016. A great money making opportinuty and marketing platform, just as successful as your8steps the one program which made him known as genius marketer, providing tools and knowledge to his members.

Penny Cannon my partner in crime @ Tested and Proven is one of the most successful individual entrepreneurs, when you see her name on a programs she promotes, you can bank on that. She knows what she is doing. Penny does not go out with strangers. Nor do we at Tested and proven! Again, you can follow her blindfolded!

Did I miss someone, don't be mad at me.... I know you are out there - there are a lot more but I am running out of paper :)

Wann know who is this stranger?

Now you always want to make sure that you know the stranger behind that picture I bet. Have you clicked on it?

Great so my family and I are not strangers to you anymore too.

Thank you for reading. Have a safe trip through the online jungle.

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