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Text Advertising (TextADS)

Most of the programs where you have upgraded your membership, do not just give you credits for banners, surfing, email credits, they also give you a certain amount of credits for TextADS. Since you have them, make use of them. Find a short headline which attracts readers! Probably you want to read how to find short but good headlines here before you go ahead.

At this page I'd like you to introduce you to a more efficient way of Text Advertising. Ads, which will be shown at thousands of pages and services, where you are not even member at. This happens when you choose to join a TEXT advertising NETWORK. There are plenty out there, but as always, I'd like you to know about the best service, not just any.

Text advertising network for professionals.

For professionals sounds like a pro only service, but leadsleap also works for free members. Few months ago, they came up with version 2.0, that was the time it got my attention and I gave it a much more closer look as I did before.

I am member and decided to take the upgrade and a fair work out to see how it works and if all what they promise comes true.

Now I am able to write this short review about Leadsleap, using my own account and my own experience.

Here is how leadsleap works for you as free member!

You can create up to 3 text ads including a profile picture and a short description of the program which you are going to promote. Those ads will be shown not just at the members pages but as well at networks and Blogs like this one. You see those ads from leadsleap members at the left side of this blog. Notice, you see as well that the text ads have been rated and categorized.

There are thousands of members like I am, who place those ads at blogs and even at pages which they promote. A tracking solution is embedded and comes for free as well and even as free member, you can take advantage of their promotion tools and incentives to get even more people into your downline.

A system that works great if you invest some time as free member to read ads and get rewarded with credits and a little cash.

Leadsleap still delivers!

How to work with Leadsleap as upgraded member?

Beside all the free goodies you can place up to 10 textads. To make those most effective, you may consider to promote 3 -5 programs only, but make full use of all 10 slots. Then create slightly different Subject lines and text content, if you have connect them to different landing pages / splashpages. This way you can put them into different categories, and test the efficiency of your headlines.

My review as upgraded member at LeadsLeap

Well, I do not really like to read a lot of ads just to get views to mine, so I took the upgrade which is quite expensive at first sight but as you may recognize it was well worth it.

I can now ad up to 10 Text ads, my top 5Star rated ads are not just featured in the members area but as well in featured mailings. I can place a special ad right in front the nose of my referrals and I receive 20 referrals per month out of the companies overspill.

At days I decide to read 20 ads, I get a little part of the daily profit, and even if I don't read I get a share of the weekly earnings of the company.

Well I am doing leadsleap not because of that, much more important for me are the results which come while publishing my ads.

More important at Leadsleap

I have got 167 random referrals from their Overspill so far, so that turned out to be true. I get up to 300 views per AD per week, so that turned out to be true.

And I get referrals from my campaigns, well so that turned out to be true as well.

They also promised a FREE OTO builder script with auto-responder functionality, as you know it's up and running, you may have subscribed to this blog while using it.

As you can see leadsleap works! That signup I got for TAP which is free, but now this referrral is my prospect for multiple sales via TAP.

TEST it FREE, if they still offer you the montly discounted upgrade, take it! You'll see after 2 month what it did to your campaigns and how many referrals you got even without promoting it!

How to make use of the Autoresponder script!

If you have your own hosting package and a domain, you simply download the script and install it into the root section at your server. Installing it as subcdomain works too but it is very tricky and one need to change a lot manually. This requires some patients and skills. Best way, you put it into the root directory.

Also read my article - How to use auto responders!