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Why using website rotators!

Rotators are incredible time savers.

Imagine you are member at only 100 Traffic exchanges and you want to change the website where you want to get traffic to be send. Logging in into all 100 will take you at least 100x3 minutes = 300 minutes ( that's how many hours?). Never thought about that? Well how many of the 100 TE's you may have forgotten already and missed to change your campaigns?

Using website rotators is the way to save all the time which is better being spend on creative thoughts and family.

Why spending hours if you can do the same in just minutes.

Rotators are always combined with a tracker, which lets you see where your views really came from. Which of the 100 are still delivering traffic and which may not. Then you can investigate what the reason may be. You may have just run out of credits or haven't assigned enough to your campaign.

There are website trackers and rotators outside which charge you more than 10 bucks per month to achieve the task, but there are also rotators out there, which rotate your website for a single one time purchase good for a lifetime. Some are even offering the same service for free, but in most cases you will not be able to remove the header advertising which is attached to the free services.

Take note as well, that some rotators slow down the opening time of you rotating sites significantly. The rotators which are offered by LFMTE or LFMVM programs do not come with a vast amount of coding, they direct and rotate your sites without delay.

At CEO you get both, professional email marketing and professional tracking and rotator service joining CEOMARKETINGPATH. There your mails will be read by paid users only. Proven buyers so to speak.


If you made your decision about making use of Email-Marketing to find yourself some fresh new leads, make sure you use those sources which are Tested and Proven.

Some of you may even want to save more time and being able to epxose your sites to more than 5000 traffic sources without even being member there. If so, you may consider to join TheDownliner.

TDLFor only 10 bucks a month your sites will be shown at sites which deliver as they promised. TDL so far delivered a wooping 93.8 % of unique views.

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How to set up website rotators!

After you have joined let's say Eatmyclicks, you simply go to the navigation menu and click first on TRACKERS!

There you add at least 2 sites of yours or the affiliate links, give them a name which you can recognize easy, save those and after that click on ROTATORS, choose add a new one.

Give it a name lets say TE ( to stick with the example of Traffic exchanges). After you created the name of your rotator, you click on add/edit websites then a window opens and you see the sites which you have added to the tracker.

Tick or untick the square field in front of the trackers name and decide which of them should be the one to be rotated.

Now go to your traffic exchanges, You may delete all sites which you have set up there in the past, and add the rotators link of yours to all TE's instead.

Add credits and done. Your two sites will start rotating there immediately.

Now when ever you want to change what you want to show in Traffic exchanges, you simply go to your rotators website, add a new tracker, add this to your rotator which you have named TE, and after you saved your new settings, your rotating websites at ALL TE's will change in the same moment.

That saves so much time, you will just like it.

Is there more to know about rotators?

There is a lot more what you could do with your website rotator, like changing login spot ads which are already set up, or you simply just want to split test your splash pages.


Some TE owners may not approve rotators as they are afraid that someone hides porn or malicious pages inside them. This is understandable, but when you send them a ticket, ask politely to approve your rotators links, and tell them that you will obey the terms and rules of teir service, they will approve yours. Non owner ever denied my request.

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