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read this first


Still looking for a TEAM to promote your AIOP BIZ?

Which team fits best to you?

You may wonder why I compare different aiop teams as you know that I am member of the real team and should simply say that is the one and only choice and it works best. Still you can always expect that I am looking out for alternatives and not everybody might like to promote downwards as the members of the real team do, but instead looking for a team which promotes 1 rotator or multiple one to benefit the entire team. How the "Real Team" works you can read here.

The decision is always yours, you compare and you decide.

Other AIOP teams work different

I only know the AIOP Task Force Echo closer as others. I talked to a few members there and so I know how they work. One basically joins, upgrades and you will be offered to become part of the team. You will be then given a link to promote the team. To remain on that team you need to deliver at least 500 visits to this link to remain on that team and receive your 3 paid referrals due to the teamwork.

The charm of that kind of team-play lays in the fact that only one link will be promoted by all team members, and the team leaders will then take care who gets the next referral. On the other hand you promote into an autoresponder and if you want to catch your own leads they may not availale for you but the teamleaders only. Still for beginners that kind of team work may be a good choice as well.

Here is an example of how the Task Force Echo works, read and you know what they are up to.

Of course that's gonna work if everybody uses great advertising sources while promoting and gathering those required hits. Just one can not be sure about that, the idea to get lets say 500 hits or 1000 hits per week is pretty good but those who would just get those via HIGH traffic sources where advertising is not really the main goal but collecting cash or other rewards.

Those hits for certain will not benefit the team as much as such sources where non articial traffic is being produced by professsional marketers only

However if you find it more convinient to be promoted by an entire group and want to promote a group of teamplayers, then watch out for the AIOP Task Force Echo while you surf or read their members advertisements.


You don't want to promote AIOP as team?

Let TheDownliner do the job for you!

There is no doubt that AIOP is just perfect for team work, but you may not have the time or the advertising power to work as hard as other team members. Then you may consider to read this:

I just joined one more opportunity to let TDL work to build my downlines at AIOP. TheDownliner came up with what they call the referral machine.

read more about TDL at this page

Members at TDL who join via their teamlink, will have a place in their rotator. TDL has 8000 plus members, so I decided to open a second aiop account just to give it a try. Within the first 24 hours I have received 1 paid signup and 2 free ones which I have to follow up.

Above you see my recent status for AIOP via TDL

I do not promote this second account outside of TDL and let Jay and his referral machine do the entire job for me. One does not have to promote aiop anywhere else and does not require to promote at all - no minimum requiremnents at all to remain on that rotator.

If that is a model which may fit best to you then here are the steps to be done.

Join TDL, take the monthly upgrade,

Then follow the GREEN button at TDL to join at AIOP .

Read the instructions, the TDL referral machine button can't be missed!

Above the green button just so you know how it looks like :)

Then check in regular and see if you have paid referrals or FREE ones which you should follow up. That's all not really that time consuming.

Which ever team you choose I strongly recommend to make use of all the features at AIOP.

Not just the Autoresponder but also build your blog. READ WHY.