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Why Recyclix?

Why one should consider to start with recyclix?

Here are my thoughts i'd like you to think about.




Recyclix as future investment

Are you wondering how to provide a better future for your children? Are you one of those parents who are lucky enough to sustain a suitable income month by month, that your bank has trusted you to become a credit or debit card holder?

That means a lot already in a country like the Philippines or other countries which are still on the edge of developing a strong thriving economy which would be strong enough to guarantee a certainty of chances to provide education and chances to sustain a stable future for our children.

Those who care like you and us, are constantly striving to make sure our children will have a better future. A job and the freedom to live and work wherever they want. Preferable in our homeland, close to us and not far away abroad. That's not always easy and nowadays it becomes even more harder as it was years ago. The world economies are shifting and have become unpredictable. At least for us simple people it is hard to make the right choices.

To secure the future of our children and to make sure that we can provide them with the education needed to find a job and become independent from us, we are looking for opportunities to get around and along to secure a better live for those who we love.

We decided to invest into a growing market - the recycling industry. Natural resources are getting rare and more expensive to come by. Recycling of plastic is actually a growing market, so we joint a crowd-funding opportunity offered by a European company with high credentials, listed at the European United Nations with offices in Germany and Poland.

Now we can decide how much money we invest each month to build a fund for our children future, no matter if those funds are needed for education, or health , no matter when we need those funds, we can withdraw our earnings, or we can decide to make them work for us and our future, month by month. That gives us the financial freedom which we needed ,as we never know if and when we might need those funds and how long we can maintain our own monthly payments into our plan.

Some say, that there is a risk, and yes there is, but if we keep our payments on a reasonable level, that risk is low as 25 bucks a month. We already made the test and requested to pay us a part of our earnings, and yes, they paid us. Well and if I look into the past I have lost lot more while investing in stock or currency exchanges. We believe when one sees an opportunity, one should at least give it a serious trial.

Why you should join under klausius ( Klaus Biesel)

Here is why you may consider to join under me and not just under the companies name. Members like I do receive commission for their referrals purchases. If you join directly under the companies link, that part of the value of your upgrade goes directly into their wallet. Which is not bad as all income they have is some how shared with all members as well, but here is what I have in mind to simply make more out of it for you and me.

We both can benefit from each other, as I do help you to get along with recyclix, I can explain how it works, which are the first steps to do and how you an make the most out of it as member.

But that is not all. I do intend to give you back a part of my commission for your purchases, or I can give you some FREE tools to promote recyclix. Let's talk about how we can get you the most out of it.

How we can benefit both from recyclix?

One step at a time.

Join, make sure you see my

master account id CFE5-44E9-B6D2 as your referrer.

This is important as if that number is missing while you sign up, you will not end up as my referral.

Then, simply contact me, I like to explain much more so that you to fully understand this opportunity, before you make any further decisions. Look around after you joined, make sure you take your 20 Euro gift and see what happens.

If you are located in CEBU Island or close by, I suggest that we meet somewhere, having a coffee and talk about it. If you feel prepared enough, you may also read this page and after that you may consider to fund your recylix account the way I did. read here and take a look into my recyclix account.

at skype: klausbiesel

above is my TEST, i withdrew 20 bucks and they paid almost instantly.