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Your first new Website or Blog!

Amazon prefers that you have at least one website or blog where you can place Amazon ads or where you have built your own small online shop.

As starter, you may prefer a free blog first to start with. One which is easy to handle and one which doesn't take too long to set it up.

Therefor we do recommend you start with a free Wordpress Blog. They offer complete themes and layouts and it is really free. They don't bother you and force you into an upgrade which you don't want. as free user you would have your blog as subdomain as shown in the example.

Choose the name wisely for your blog and you need to understand that Amazon does not like it, if you would use their brand name and trademark as part of your blogs name.

Create a blog about anything you want to. Your hobbies, your Kids or your business ideas or whatsoever.

Create a nice theme, spice it up with some pictures, and write some interesting articles.

When your blog is ready what then?

While you apply as Amazon affiliate you will be asked for a website or blog. Now since you have your own blog ready to go, you simply provide your blogs domain to Amazon and if it doesnt violate their terms, they will accept it and will grant you access to their affiliate program.

Now you can start placing advertisings on to your blog.

You may now read about how to create your first ashop and more important how to introduce your new blog to friends and how to expand your new home business.

Prepare your Blog for Amazon.

Instead of creating a personal or more general blog, you may prefer to creatre a blog, which is focussed about a special category, one of those you have in mind to add your Amazon advertising on it.

Like a blog about childrens health, or a travel blog. As closer your Blog theme will later match the products of Amazon as better.

You like it a bit more professional?

Using free opportunities is not a bad thing to do, especially if you are not yet sure if you really really want this to start your own small online business.

Later on when you are committed to your decision we strongly recommend to have your own domain and hosting package, as it simply gives you more opportunities and of course your own domain is simply an expression of your professionalism.

A trusted host with very affordable hosting packages is here. You also may read more about blogging and why you should build your own blog.

There you can buy your own domain as well, then you have it all in one place.

What we like most is, that as your business grows, you always find a solution which is reasonable priced.

Any Questions? Just Contact us.