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Blogging to start you business?

What is so important that you have your own website or blog? Maybe a membership at Facebook is just enough? NO, blogging is more than being just a member at social networks and I'd like to expain to you why.

Your own Blog is your calling card, the place where you present yourself. Showing everyone who you are and what your preferences are. The place where you can explain why you do business online and how you do make money. You can introduce the programs which you may own of products which you may sell and of course why you have chosen this or that program to be affiliated with.

A lot have struggled at the beginning to create a BLOG, so did I as all was new to me and took quite some time to learn how to set up a blog and get it listed in searchengines and so much more. Even to start with introducing myself or what to write about my business.

More sales while people visit your blog!

Above I gathered a few stats, and as you can see the blog is now delivering sign up and sales. Took a while, writing and rewriting and promoting my own blog but as you can see it pays off. The rate of upgrades is way more higher as when i promote a single program. For example at CEO the average rate of upgrades is 39 percent. When people signup via the blog it's 70.

Same will happen to you, you only need to start with. But you will push through just like Penny Cannon, who started her business with a BLOG years ago.

Writing your own articles will improve your skills to communicate and express yourself. Will help you to find stunning headlines and ideas will pop into your mind. As more longer you do it, as better you will become.

Having your own blog and writing about programs you want to introduce also is forcing you to know and deeply understand how a program works, as deeper you look into it, as more you understand and as more you will become confident about the programs you introduce. What happens while writing your own articles is, you will set up your mindset and will be able to embrace other people to do so as well.

Do you have a BLOG already?

If you want, we can exchange backlinks to each other, that helps us both to be recognices in search engines.

Links to your blog are the fuel to get a higher rank at GOOGLE and CO.

Use this banner or link to start with AIOP, you will become a new member at one of my referrals. I promote for my team because it's worth it!

Read about how to generate sales with your blog

How and where to start your own blog?

Of course one of those free opportunities to create a free wordpress blog would be an option to begin with, but FREE doesn't really give you all what you need. Free is good for exercising and training but isn't the real deal for long term.

You want to be able to expand and you don't want to be limited to build a list of followers as free services do not allow you mass mailing to your followers, most free services have that limited to 100 – 500 mails to be send at one time, and that often only at times when the servers have low workload. Thats mostly at the time most people sleep. Wanna reach sleeping people go ahead create a BLOG for FREE.

Then there are cheap hosting companies. Not that they are not god enough, but here is what happens, if you buy cheap, at best you have a shared HOSTING package, means a lot more people than you are at the same server, and thats why there are a lot of restrictions as well. I mean until you reached a number of 300 – 500 followers/ subscribers, those Hosts will do the job for your first BLOG. You end up with cost between 3 and 5 USD per month for a serious branded company like hostgator or godaddy.

Now that you know that 5 USD is something to get a good start for your own blog, why not really getting serious and get you a package which has all you need with way more less restrictions in terms of mailing to your growing list of subscribers?

Get yourself the allinone solution from AIOP. Follow the link and simply read why.

Also make sure you bought your own domain. A cheap one like .today or .me is better than non, but be aware that .com is still preferred by searchengines. Find a good domain name like earnwithjan. A domain costs between 3 and 15 USD.

You can buy your doamin here, this host sells below the average prices elsewhere with lowest price guaranteed.

When you purchase your hosting package at AIOP use your new domain. You only need to point it to their name server and then you can make use of your new account. AIOP has the easysite builder tool and you can create a WP blog or Website in no time to get you started.

As always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to conatct me

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